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Did You Know
NAVTEQ Expands Oracle Delivery Format (ODF) Coverage to Over 80 Countries
NAVTEQ recently announced the expansion of its Oracle Delivery Format to cover over 80 countries on six continents, enabling routing, geocoding and map display in Oracle Applications.

NAVTEQ Provides Truck Drivers with Valued Last Mile Navigation Guidance
NAVTEQ now can help fleets easily reach the loading dock for truck pickup or delivery with the release of NAVTEQ’s Loading Dock Locations for use with its notable NAVTEQ Transport™ product.  Loading Dock Locations provide additional Point of Interest information such as dock name and delivery entrance. NAVTEQ customers can use the information to create down to the last meters turn-by-turn guidance for navigation systems relying on the NAVTEQ® map and content.

Point Addressing Enables Accurate Geocoding and Destination Selection
NAVTEQ® map and location content are recognized as one of the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate sources for Enterprise geocoding and destination selection for “to the door” arrival. Addressing is a fundamental data element for these applications.  To this end, NAVTEQ has developed Point Addressing content which offers the highest accuracy to traditional address-interpolated Enterprise geocoding and destination selection applications.

Success Stories
Retail Location Analytics Solution Enables Accurate Site Selection for Kroger Grocery Outlets
NAVTEQ and Tetrad aid Kroger in maximizing corporate investments by accurately mapping areas of high population growth.

Accurate, Fresh Map Data Maximizes the Productivity of Routing Applications and Eliminates Inefficiencies for Service Fleets
NAVTEQ® map data licensed through ADCi allows Stanley Steemer’s field technicians to reach their customers more quickly and efficiently, lowering costs and saving time.

Market Trends
Maps Enhance Retail Location Analytics and GIS Solutions
Successful planning in Retail requires more than simply acquiring competitive and demographic data.  Using this information in combination with a geospatial analytics toolkit allows retailers to see patterns and relationships that are more easily identifiable on a map than on a spreadsheet.  Location-based services and GIS enable retailers to understand and visualize these geographic relationships to improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in business processes.

Product News
NAVTEQ Destination Maps™ Can Support First Responder Emergency Calls
NAVTEQ® maps have helped millions of people find their way right to the front door of the destinations they seek. Now we’re pushing the doors open, and extending the navigation experience and enabling new location-based services inside complex interior spaces like shopping centers, transit hubs and airports. With the revolutionary new NAVTEQ Destination Maps, location-based applications and devices can now provide powerful map display, guidance, search and routing in an entirely new realm.

United States Rural Maintenance Program Accelerated
NAVTEQ’s ongoing rural maintenance program has received a big boost from the implementation of automated collection and production processes greatly reducing the time it takes to update a county.

Database Coverage

NAVTEQ Expands Map Coverage
NAVTEQ continues to expand its high quality NAVTEQ map into emerging markets providing our customers the potential to tap into the ever growing need for GIS and Fleet applications in the Americas.

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NAVTEQ In The News
NAVTEQ Press Releases

Oct 13, 2011
NAVTEQ Unveils Map and Positioning Engine Module With M/A-COM Technology Solutions
Agreement enables predictive road attribute data to enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS

Oct 13, 2011
NAVTEQ Focuses on Navigation Solutions for Commercial Vehicles at the American Trucking Association (ATA) Conference
Customer demonstrations reinforce how to save time, fuel and money through navigation

Oct 13, 2011
NAVTEQ Provides Truck Drivers with Valued Last Mile Navigation Guidance
Loading Dock Locations enables navigation systems to route to the actual loading/unloading area

Oct 11, 2011
The Power of NAVTEQ Data in Esri Solutions Demonstrated at the OZRI 2011 User Conference
NAVTEQ Stand #13 to feature advanced map data offerings available in Australia and New Zealand

Sep 29, 2011
NAVTEQ Transport™ Expands in Argentina, Brazil and Chile
Southern cone coverage enables seamless long-haul truck routing through the region

Aug 15, 2011
NAVTEQ First to Launch 2010 US Tiger Census Information
2010 Tiger Census features are now available for NAVTEQ’s US and Puerto Rico Census Boundaries and Census ID products

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