NAVTEQ Expands Map Coverage


NAVTEQ Provides Map Coverage for Over 98% of Central and South America Population

NAVTEQ released two new NAVTEQ® maps and four new Intermediate Map datasets in Central and South America. NAVTEQ customers can use the maps to create navigation applications for vehicles, personal navigation devices (PNDs) mobile handsets, tablets and the web.

NAVTEQ® maps of Costa Rica and Peru join the portfolio of industry-leading NAVTEQ maps currently available for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, French Guiana, Uruguay and Venezuela.  Representing the highest in quality among NAVTEQ’s portfolio of map products, the dataset is designed for premier navigation experiences.  Due to the single global data specification design, all of these maps can be enriched with NAVTEQ’s portfolio of advanced map content and development efforts can be easily ported to work with any of the NAVTEQ maps available throughout the region and the world.

NAVTEQ’s Intermediate Maps for Bolivia, El Salvador, Honduras and Paraguay join an extensive regional Intermediate Map portfolio that includes Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. These datasets are an important tool for customers who need a faster time-to-market in key regions of the world and desire the same exceptional service and support they have come to expect from NAVTEQ.  Based on third party sourced data deemed by NAVTEQ to be the highest quality available, Intermediate Maps do not adhere to the same specifications or required verification as the company’s flagship NAVTEQ® map product.

“Central and South America have been evolving as growing regions for our customers who develop navigation and location-based solution applications,” stated Fernando Villasol, director South America map and content products for NAVTEQ.   “Providing them with the best available maps delivered in NAVTEQ formats presents them with a flexible investment strategy by enabling them to develop premier solutions today with the NAVTEQ® map, and a stepping stone to develop applications with Intermediate Maps that can later be ported for use in fully navigable NAVTEQ® maps when they become available.”


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