Maps Enhance Retail Location Analytics and GIS Solutions

Successful planning in Retail requires more than simply acquiring competitive and demographic data.  Using this information in combination with a geospatial analytics toolkit allows retailers to see patterns and relationships that are more easily identifiable on a map than on a spreadsheet.  Location-based services and GIS enable retailers to understand and visualize these geographic relationships to improve productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in business processes.

Map and location content are core components for improving Retail business processes including market analysis, site selection and logistics management.  From analyzing the growth and revenue potential in new markets to determining optimal product mixes for individual stores, geographic data layers and accurate street data play critical roles in helping Retail managers to find comprehensive, complete solutions to industry challenges.  NAVTEQ is helping retailers across the globe incorporate more comprehensive map display, accurate routing, precise asset location and geocoding for location-enabled applications.

  • Market Analysis – NAVTEQ is helping retailers make better business decisions and execute more targeted marketing through the analysis of consumer trends on a map.  Population growth and income statistics plotted on the NAVTEQ Map can reveal key patterns used in sales forecasting.  Retail managers can use this information to more effectively assign territories to their sales force.
  • Site Selection - NAVTEQ’s accurate data combined with Census Boundaries and Points of Interest (POIs) help retailers pick the best locations for new sites, plan for major store disruptions and help consumers find their locations.  Demographic and competitor data can be easily layered on top of the NAVTEQ Map and analyzed to determine the location of potential customers.  Additionally, NAVTEQ’s detailed map data, which accurately reflects real world metropolitan and rural landscapes, can be used for drive-time calculations as another input to potential revenue projections for new sites.
  • Logistics Management - Accurate drive times calculated using NAVTEQ’s truck-specific attribution, as well as both real-time and historical NAVTEQ Traffic, help logistics managers to schedule inbound supply shipments and outbound deliveries.  Fleet managers can also use NAVTEQ transportation products to ensure on-time arrivals by enabling fleet tracking.

NAVTEQ offers a variety of products built to meet the needs of Retail customers in addition to our comprehensive street data, including extensive Points of Interest, Postal Boundaries and Census Boundaries.   The NAVTEQ Map is built to a single global specification, making it easy to incorporate geographic data seamlessly into retail analytics applications. 

 To find out more about the products NAVTEQ offers to enhance your Retail Solution click here  or contact your NAVTEQ account executive for more details.

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