What's New on the NAVTEQ Enterprise Website?

The Enterprise Americas micro-site on NAVTEQ Connections is your source for valuable information and marketing materials related to NAVTEQ Enterprise.  We are constantly updating the site with new content to provide you with a comprehensive repository of resources, from case studies and collateral to events, webinars, and videos.  Check it out

Here’s what’s new on the site:

  • Oracle  Collaboration Page
  • Webinars and Tools
    • How to Easily Enable Rich Map Display, Superior Geocoding and Basic Routing for Business and Government GIS Putting GIS to work for your business can be a challenge without the proper tools, the right software and high quality data. Introducing BroadMap's MapConnect™ Enterprise, a user-friendly GIS platform serving business and government GIS users with a fully optimized solution enabling rich display, unsurpassed geocoding and an easy-to-use geographic dataset.  This webinar includes a live demonstration of MapConnect™ Enterprise!
  • NAVTEQ True is our revolutionary new data collection technology with GPS and IMU positioning sensors, 360-degree panoramic cameras and LIDAR, wheel encoders, and more that will enable more automation capability, greater capacity and scale for expansion and for existing products, and greater speed to market for new products.  Click here to learn more!
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