United States Rural Maintenance Program Accelerated

NAVTEQ’s ongoing rural maintenance program has received a big boost from the implementation of automated collection and production processes greatly reducing the time it takes to update a county.

Dedicated to providing high quality map data not just in Prime coverage counties (those counties where every road and every attribute is verified) but also in the less densely populated rural counties, we are pleased to announce that we are on track to recognize a 300% increase in the average number of counties updated per quarter.

NAVTEQ deploys a variety of criteria for indentifying and prioritizing counties in the rural update program.  Trained geographic analysts in our Fargo production facility analyze the postal code match rates of the NAVTEQ map.  Similarly the geographic analysts review population growth rates for the county.  Regardless of whether it is a lower postal code match rate or a higher population growth rate, both indicators can signify the potential for significant increases in new roads and addresses in the county.

Once the counties have been identified for a maintenance upgrade, we use sources to compare with the addresses and names in the current version of the NAVTEQ map.  This technique is one of the foundations of creating and maintaining the quality NAVTEQ® map database. NAVTEQ uses over 80,000 sources globally to create and maintain our map database and applies a rigorous standardized testing program before introducing sources to the database.

“I’m proud to report that deploying  a series of new automation techniques throughout the process have provided efficiencies that allow us to provide our customers with a fresh, quality map on a more timely basis,” stated Jessica Borak, senior manager NAVTEQ North America maps and products.

A fresh map provides the quality required to support Enterprise solutions and applications.  Whether it’s door-to-door delivery of goods and services, a utility looking for the correct address, or government services, making sure that the rural counties have the same level of quality as our Prime coverage areas is a priority for NAVTEQ.  To learn more about the rural maintenance program and how a fresher map can support your initiatives, contact your NAVTEQ account executive today.

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