NAVTEQ Destination Maps™ Can Support First Responder Emergency Calls

NAVTEQ® maps have helped millions of people find their way right to the front door of the destinations they seek. Now we’re pushing the doors open, and extending the navigation experience and enabling new location-based services inside complex interior spaces like shopping centers, transit hubs and airports. With the revolutionary new NAVTEQ Destination Maps, location-based applications and devices can now provide powerful map display, guidance, search and routing in an entirely new realm.

When every second gained can contribute to a successful rescue or emergency response, NAVTEQ Destination Maps is a welcomed new innovation. NAVTEQ’s latest product that can also support government early responders, provides interior maps with a unique set of map attributes designed to enable routing and guidance in interior spaces.

Destination Maps moves beyond the interactive floor plan maps available today by enabling a three-dimensional data model to provide a more advanced guidance experience.  Included in the database model are attributes with the potential to enable more efficiency for emergency crews responding to calls in large interior structures.

It does this by providing pedestrian-specific attributes unique to interior requirements like stairs and elevators as well as recognizing different floor levels (called Z-levels). These attributes are essential for applications to “understand” movement between floors once inside a venue and generate routes and guidance.  Destination Maps also include a virtual connections feature that enables more intuitive guidance by recognizing how pedestrians “cut across” open areas.

“For first responders, this can mean extension of navigation applications beyond streets and sidewalks; into complex interiors such as shopping malls,” stated Stephanie Gary, product marketing manager, NAVTEQ maps and products.  “When combined with the highly accurate NAVTEQ map, applications could be developed that provide a seamless navigation experience when responding to an emergency.”

NAVTEQ is the first global map provider to offer this type of indoor mapping product.  Initially, the company will focus on mapping large shopping centers in the U.S. but plans to extend the product to include other types of complex destinations in the future. To learn more about how NAVTEQ Destination Maps can support first responder applications, contact your NAVTEQ account executive.

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