DATE: June 23, 2010
SUBJECT:  Public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free and developing with the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0

Starting today, Nokia is increasing developers’ opportunities and lowering barriers by supporting individual developers, reducing investment costs and releasing a tool for cross-platform app development for Symbian and Maemo devices - the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0.

We’re announcing several things that you as an Ovi Publisher should be interested in:
•    Public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free
•    Availability of Nokia Qt SDK 1.0
•    Availability of Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian
•    Ovi Store intake for Qt apps
Public beta of Nokia signing Symbian apps for free

The goal here is to lower the barrier to entry for Ovi Publishers by simplifying the tools and the process, as well as removing some of the cost associated with developing mobile apps for distribution in Ovi Store. For Ovi Publishers creating Symbian apps there are initial investment costs such as obtaining a Publisher ID and paying a third party to have their apps Symbian signed. Currently, this can take around four weeks, and impose expenses for the developer up to $215 (USD). With this public beta, we are exploring a developer workflow to reduce the time for Ovi Publishers to two weeks and bring the cost involved to $0 (USD). At this time apps written with Qt, Symbian C++, and Adobe Flash Lite are supported.  If you’re interested in participating in this public beta, please send an email to with your Ovi Publish username and you’ll receive more details.

Availability of the Qt SDK 1.0

The Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 is available starting today (, and it offers a true cross-platform development environment allowing developers to create applications for both Symbian and Maemo devices. Installation is easy, as it only requires one installation package that downloads all of the Qt and Symbian/Maemo components that developers need using the same Qt Creator 2.0 as standard Qt SDK’s for use on Windows, Linux and Mac (beta). The Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 includes the Qt 4.6 libraries plus additional API’s for mobile development. With a fast, new simulator along with on-device debugging and the ability to compile to both .sis (Symbian) or .deb (Maemo) packages, it provides developers with a great opportunity to start creating amazing apps right away.
Availability of Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian
Qt developers can use the new Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 to easily bundle the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian SIS with their app SIS to reach millions of users with Nokia Symbian devices worldwide. When an end user downloads an app, the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian will check for dependencies, and if any missing files or Qt libraries are detected the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian will download them from Nokia servers.

Ovi Store intake for Qt apps

Finally, Qt developers can upload Qt Symbian apps targeting both the Nokia N97 mini and Nokia X6, as well as Qt Maemo apps for the Nokia N900 mobile computer. The Nokia N8 will be supported when it’s released later this year, and additional Nokia Symbian (5.0 and 3.1/3.2) devices will be supported in the future, allowing Qt developers to reach a growing market of Nokia users worldwide. Applications will be published to Ovi Store beginning next month.

We’re excited to share these new announcements with you and are always happy to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions please send an email to Ovi Publish support,


Ovi Store Publisher Support Team

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